Even better than mantas!

Believe it or not, this is only the second time I’ve found a scorpionfish in Laamu Atoll- so reasons to celebrate. Image


In fact I’ve seen more mantas than scorpions which is a bit weird. By contrast, there is a lot of leaf-fish…. which you may have cottoned on to since I post so many photos of them. They belong to the same family of fishes and you can easily tell by their profiles.



They fill the same roles on the tropical reef as ambush predators. They are extremely toxic animals and have venomous spines to ward off predators- including divers’ hands if we are clumsy. Stonefish are another species all together- the hunt continues for these beautifully ugly animals!


One thought on “Even better than mantas!

  1. I’m actually wondering if this is even the same species as what we normally see in the Maldives. There were 2 together (one got spooked and fled), maybe 15cm long and quite round in the head with very prominent dorsal spines- much like a leaf-fish.

    Any scorpionophiles out there to comment?

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