Many thanks go to Chris Palmer for allowing us to put up some of his photos of the Ornate Ghost Pipefish which has a cool sounding Latin name: Solenostomus paradoxus. I’m really, really, really stoked to say that there are now 2 of them in the same coral bush. This may well mean that they’re a breeding pair.

It’s hard to say whether the largest one is the same fish as we saw last year. Chris was using a flash with his camera which really makes the colours explode as you see here in the first picture. I believe this is the female as it has a large brood pouch under its pelvic fin.

Compare the picture above to this one below of the male… which swam away as soon as we approached. Is that a sad indictment to the courage and testicular fortitude of the male species? Or does it simply show more intelligence…. Again, many thanks to Chris Palmer for the photos. Nice diving with you!


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