Fushi Kandu- perhaps the best Grey Reef Shark dive site that I have experienced in the Maldives. 2 days ago I counted more than 20 greys and a few whitetips…. who don’t have the courage to mix it with the big girls.

The next day there were ‘only’ a dozen circling an ever-decreasing school of hapless big-eyes.

With Jude over-seeing the divers, I managed to take a couple of cheeky pics, but at 25m, shooting with ambient light, it really shows my inability to get well-balanced shots.

Lightroom helps boost some colours but that in turn blows out the sand or gives it a reddish tinge. But,…. ya get the idea- Fushi Kandu ROCKS!

Below are some more shots of the first dive at Fushi Kandu and the second at Mundhoo Kandu

20130305-048 20130305-009 20130305-026 20130305-032 20130305-046-2


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