A macro shoot

2013-03-25_026A macro shoot

This is a new crab for me- hidden amongst the substrate on the lagoon floor. The camouflage was so excellent I can easily understand why I have never seen them before…. however now I have a new challenge. If anyone has an idea what they’re called, I’d much appreciate a heads up. Potentially it is some type of ‘decorator crab’ however it was pretty much naked when I saw it.

It was a strange dive for me. In an area about 5m square I saw the following creatures: 2 mating nudibranchs, a tiny banded pipefish, a beautiful juvenile lionfish, a hermit crab, a peacock sole and some weird looking shellfish.

2013-03-25_031 2013-03-25_023 2013-03-25_058 2013-03-25_054

Mating nudibranch

Mating nudibranch



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