New turtle reef

New turtle reef

A few days ago Jude and I jumped on an unexplored reef for a look-see. It was deep by our standards- approx 16m to the top of the reef…..

….however there were a bunch of humungous Green turtles which were relatively calm with our presence. For some reason, the Green turtles here in Laamu are much more wary of divers than the Hawksbill variety.

The photo above was taken at around 30m- not bad quality considering the depth. It was resting on the bottom and I was trying to get Jude in the background- however the extra distance to Jude really affects the quality of the shot as you see below.




Finally this is a different Green turtle -this time at about 20m. It was really relaxed around me but unfortunately I was shooting up towards the afternoon sun. This dive is a ‘deep’ dive on average- it is really only suitable for divers who have very good breathing control to allow maximum time on the bottom.



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