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Just to let you know that we are finalising our new rates for the 1st of September.

The rates you will find on these pages are available until the 31st of August, meaning if you come after the 31st of August, the new rates will apply.

Some things will stay the same, some even will be cheaper. Of course, most prices will go a little up as well, we can not stay on the “first year special prices” for ever.

However, we might have some surprises!

I’ll keep you updated 🙂


Getting colourful

I finally made it to Lambada Thila with the camera to take some photos of a red anemone(and the associated clownfish). The anemone is growing at about 20m deep which is normal for this type of animal. The colour red is all but non-existent at these depths which makes them all the more special. A lot of their energy is received through photosynthesis via the special algae which lives inside them. This algae has a symbiotic relationship with the anemone which in turn has a symbiotic relationship with the clownfish.


Getting the focus right on these quick little clownfish is a right nightmare with a compact camera like the Canon S95… but I try my best.

Also on Lambada Thila there are plenty of octopus and a small, shy species of moray eel called the White-eye (for some weird reason). The one on the left looks happy enough to get his picture taken- the one on the right is pulling a Derp face.

20130525-20130525_0148-2     20130525-20130525_0168-2

Finally there were some young batfish during the safety stop. I really like batfish for some reason- they always seem happy to see you.

20130525-20130525_0156  20130525-20130525_0158-2

As always, these photos were taken with a  Canon S95 in Patima Housing. Patima make a fairly affordable housing compared to some other comparable manufacturers. Personally I like the compact feel of it… and in case you’re being mugged by an amorous  dolphin, you could probably use it as a pretty decent weapon.

All Things Great and Small

All Things Great and Small

…reminds me of a James Herriot country vet book. This very small anenome has variable colours- I boosted them a bit 🙂 Approached too quickly, it withdraws in to its burrow.

Scuba diving in shallow water has its rewards- the dive was over 2hrs long! Max depth…. maybe 5m?

Next up is a couple of shrimp shots. I found a soft coral quite by chance not far from where I normally go critter hunting. There were two beautiful shrimp scurrying around the coral- tough to get the shots while they were on the move!

20130519-041 20130519-044





And finally a awesome little pipefish. I have never seen a green colouring like this one had. It was the ‘normal’ size for a pipefish however it stayed very still expecting its camouflage to save it. My first thought was it was a ‘Stick Pipefish’ which is normally coloured dark brown however the behaviour and attitude was quite different. Stick Pipefish tend to sit up on a 45 degree angle- this pipefish was lying flat on the bottom. 20130519-083






This is a species of sea slug called Philinopsis cyanea. Found in areas with sediment and rough sand, its main prey are small shellfish which it locates by following the slime trail.

Quite a few species exist here in Laamu Lagoon- this is the most colourful one that I have found thus far.

Apparently the slug below (photographed on the same dive) is the same species but with a different colour variation.


Finally (and also on the same dive) is a head-shield slug. This is the first variation of this I have seen. Although small apparently they rip in to their prey and are voracious carnivores.

Finally the last photo (also same dive) is some kind of Headshield Slug. This is the first time I was able to get a photo of this mini-terrorist. They are also carnivores and do unspeakable acts with their digestive system.