All Things Great and Small

All Things Great and Small

…reminds me of a James Herriot country vet book. This very small anenome has variable colours- I boosted them a bit 🙂 Approached too quickly, it withdraws in to its burrow.

Scuba diving in shallow water has its rewards- the dive was over 2hrs long! Max depth…. maybe 5m?

Next up is a couple of shrimp shots. I found a soft coral quite by chance not far from where I normally go critter hunting. There were two beautiful shrimp scurrying around the coral- tough to get the shots while they were on the move!

20130519-041 20130519-044





And finally a awesome little pipefish. I have never seen a green colouring like this one had. It was the ‘normal’ size for a pipefish however it stayed very still expecting its camouflage to save it. My first thought was it was a ‘Stick Pipefish’ which is normally coloured dark brown however the behaviour and attitude was quite different. Stick Pipefish tend to sit up on a 45 degree angle- this pipefish was lying flat on the bottom. 20130519-083





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