Getting colourful

I finally made it to Lambada Thila with the camera to take some photos of a red anemone(and the associated clownfish). The anemone is growing at about 20m deep which is normal for this type of animal. The colour red is all but non-existent at these depths which makes them all the more special. A lot of their energy is received through photosynthesis via the special algae which lives inside them. This algae has a symbiotic relationship with the anemone which in turn has a symbiotic relationship with the clownfish.


Getting the focus right on these quick little clownfish is a right nightmare with a compact camera like the Canon S95… but I try my best.

Also on Lambada Thila there are plenty of octopus and a small, shy species of moray eel called the White-eye (for some weird reason). The one on the left looks happy enough to get his picture taken- the one on the right is pulling a Derp face.

20130525-20130525_0148-2     20130525-20130525_0168-2

Finally there were some young batfish during the safety stop. I really like batfish for some reason- they always seem happy to see you.

20130525-20130525_0156  20130525-20130525_0158-2

As always, these photos were taken with a  Canon S95 in Patima Housing. Patima make a fairly affordable housing compared to some other comparable manufacturers. Personally I like the compact feel of it… and in case you’re being mugged by an amorous  dolphin, you could probably use it as a pretty decent weapon.


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