Fun dives :)

Yesterday Jude and I went for an exploration to some new dive sites… as well as one of our favourites at Mundhoo Kandu where we caught up with our friend ‘David’ the Goliath Grouper. I was really happy to see him again, this time hanging out with a few ‘bigeye trevally’ under the southern overhang. Light was problematic at such depth which you can see from these pictures.


On hindsight I should have tried a few different shutter settings to try darken the blue water- the trade off though with increasing shutter speed is the need to open the aperture resulting in some fuzzy pictures sometimes.


I was happy to have Jude modelling which she loves about as much as a fish loves a bicycle.

The second shot was supposed to have Jude in it… but she was a few meters deeper. Mundhoo Kandu’s approach from the south is a real delight in shallow water. There was very little current bowever there was definitely some surge to contend with in the top 6 meters. The reef shot was taken at about 10 meters. The final shot is a Oriental Sweetlips with a cleaner wrasse doing the rounds.


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