A couple more from the lagoon…

Some people may be wondering why there are so many macro (small animal) photos on our blog. To make a long story short- big fish move too much for me to get a decent picture! I am fairly new to underwater photography but have the leisure and pleasure to have a tropical reef on my doorstep. Macro photography normally concentrates on either slow or non-moving animals, or fish that have a predictable range of movement.


As you may have noticed in your garden, slugs are not terribly good at running away at the first signs of danger. Underwater slugs often have some radical colourings to deter potential predators. Black, white and yellow colour combinations are often used in the animal world to advertise that they may sting or taste bad. Wasps and bees do the same thing. Stripes are also used by underwater animals such as sea snakes and lionfish such as this wee guy below.


I feel like getting all poetic so I shall name this shot: Lion in the Desert. Just kidding


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