About Laamu Atoll and Gan Island

Laamu Atoll is a teardrop shaped atoll situated in the southern Maldives. Laamu (also sometimes called Haddunmathi) is the southern-most  atoll in the ‘middle atolls’ of the Maldivian Archipelago. This submarine mountain range is called the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge which stretches over 2000km in length roughly North to South.
Current theories suggest that the Maldives were originally volcanic islands- much like Hawaii. The volcanoes shrank or subsided, however coral growth kept apace as the bedrock sank so we are left with a ring of coral that has grown upon itself to rise a staggering 2000m from the original volcanic floor.
Gan Island in Laamu Atoll is the biggest island of the Maldivian Archipelago, with the longest beach existing in the Maldives (7.8km of white sandy beach).
Gan has some unique features such as a fresh water lake in its middle (the Red Lake, so-named because of its red color water from the tree-leaves falling into it) that was believed to be bottomless, as well as some ancient Buddhist ruins.
The domestic airport in situated on the island of Kadhdhoo-KDO- not to be mistaken with Kaadedhdhoo-KDM. (See more about that here.)
The islands from Gan to Funadhoo (including the airport island) are connected by bridges; a 25 min drive will take you to Laamu Dive and Surf.

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