I watched the Deer Hunter last night

I hadn’t seen that film in year and years- I now remember why. God it’s long and only has a few classic scenes in my opinion. Anyway it got me thinking about hunting. I like hunting but I don’t like killing things- I like shooting things though. If that makes me sound like a psycho- I better explain. I like hunting and shooting small animals…wait…umm- I like diving. It sounds better.


This is another angle of the juvenile batfish that I found last week.


More camouflage

I found a few molluscs oon the sandy bottom. I thought they were snake eels so I went in for a closer look. Then it dawned on me that the snake eels are relying on the fact that they look like tasty molluscs to attract prey. Pretty smart. I don’t actually know if that is true but if you screw your eyes up- they look pretty similar.



Big things in small packages

If you haven’t noticed by now, I like finding small things- and now that I have a camera, I like taking photos of them. This is the first time for me fooling around with shutter speeds to try to get a black background. It helped a lot that the background was dark to begin with!Image

Oh yeah

The visibility on the house reef isn’t exactly crystal as there is very little water movement. That said it is normally around the 10m mark. Today definitely wasn’t as we have had some hard rain in the early mornings and again in the evenings which can make it a bit murky. Plankton loves the rain though and guess what animals like plankton?




Yay, a new species of flatworm. This one was being very active, moving around the coral and even swimming in mid water at one stage. They are beautiful animals- this one I have never seen before. Haaaapy HarvImage