I’m slowly turning in to a Smurf

I'm slowly turning in to a Smurf

Sanding this boat has taken me ages! Hopefully the new paint will stick. At this rate… it’ll be 2014 before the official launch of our little Bokkura sailing boat!


A bit o’ fishin

A bit o' fishin

I’m actually pretty sad that I caught this Giant Trevally- you can tell from my smile. I reckon it’s the biggest fish I ever caught. We had a full moon and the current was fairly strong- one guest caught a fairly decent Red Snapper- we’ll eat well tonight!


New Rate 2013!!!

Everywhere we’ve worked in the Maldives before, we always wondered: “why are the pricelists that complicated?” It is always something + something + GST + Service Charge + + +

Very difficult at the end to know exactly how much something will cost.

So, we decided when we opened “Laamu Dive and Surf” to not make pricelists like that.

God, that was a mistake! accountingly speaking, seriously, what a headache!!! Ok, I’m deffinitely not an accountant, but still ^_^

But now, we know why all the pricelists are this way, it is just impossible to not do it this way…

Been trying to be clever than the others, bam! in fact, we were not ^_^

As the GST (Goods Service Tax) increased at the beginning of the year from 6% to 8%, I decided to make some new pricelists.

So, hopefully our new pricelists will not be too confusing, I tried to make it as clear as possible. If you compare with the old one, at the end it doesn’t change much, we tried to absord this increase of the GST as much as we could.

Diving Rates 2013

Private Rates 2013

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need clarifications, or for anything else! about diving of courses ^_^


Found Nemo?

Found Nemo?

This is a Clark’s Anenome fish that is one of 3 that lives in an anenome- that’s right… an anenome on the house reef.

Although we’ve been doing some fantastic outer reef dives recently, I haven’t been taking the camera. A couple of days back we welcomed a guest who had just bought a new Canon S100 (big brother to my S95).

I have actually taken a bunch of shots of this female clownfish, but always the left corner is blown out as the right side of the anenemoe is tucked under a table coral. Finally I decided to crop pretty hard and then accentuate the light vs dark.